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The ECDEAST project objective is to ensure that Russian universities have advanced curricula for programmes in line with new development in the chosen engineering areas and according to the Bologna Process (EQF) and European standards for the quality of engineering education (EUR-ACE). 

 Project Phases

 Project description

Three leading Russian engineering universities with help of European partners jointly will:

  • develop a methodology for engineering curriculum design based on the alignment of EQF & EUR-ACE Standards with Federal educational standards requirements to structure of programmes and graduates' competencies;
  • train the PC universities' faculty to design engineering curricula according to EUR-ACE requirements with using of ECTS;
  • develop/update and implement 3 master engineering programmes and course modules materials at TPU, BMSTU and SPbSPU according to EUR-ACE requirements with using of ECTS and Dublin Descriptors;
  • prepare the developed programmes for accreditation with awarding of the EUR-ACE label 

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