Preparation of the draft of Guidelines on engineering programme design

The Guidelines (First Draft) presents descriptions and comparision of the requirements to the learning outcomes of second cycle degree programmes within Bologna process (QF-EHEA and EQF), accreditation requirements to second cycle engineering programmes, compatability of requirements of the Russian Federal Educational Standards (FES) and EUR-ACE Framework Standards.

The methodology of curriculum design is described in the second part of guidelines. It includes the description of main phases of design, recommendations on planning of the programme's objectives, formulation of programme's and module's learning outcomes, credit allocation to learning outcomes according to FES and EUR-ACE Standards with examples.

The Guidelines (First Draft) is being developed and improved along the project running. We assume to incorporate the experiece of approbation of methodology of the curriculun design in the Russian universities and recommedations by the ENAEE based on the programmes' evaluation against the EUR-ACE Standards.

We invite all the participants of the project as well as anyone, who is interested in the methodology of the engineering curriculum design, to contribute in finalizing this Guidelines. We are open for discussion and collaboration.

The Final version of the Guidelines (2.0) is available here.