Project Closing Meeting

The Final Workshop of ECDEAST project was held on September 2-3, 2013 at Hochschule Wismar.
The project partners met to discuss key project outcomes achieved, final steps and organizational issues to be completed during the last month of the project.

The Programme of the Final Workshop

 Sunday, 01.09.2013Arrival
 Monday, 02.09.2013  
09:00 Ц 17:00 Start of the workshop
Short introduction into the sequence of the event

 1. Project review
   - Study programmes
   - Evaluation report
   - Purchase of the equipment
   - Trainer exchange
   - Teacher qualification
   - Printing materials
   - Dissemination of the results

 2. Project Evaluation
   - Communication
   - Project management
   - Restructuring: university management and governance at RU
   - Partners commitment and contributions

 3. Sustainability
   - Progress in the study programmes
   - Accreditation process
   - Conference website
   - Further activities within the network
   - Further using/dissemination of the printed material

 Tuesday, 03.09.2013  
09:00 Ц 12:00 Separate Partners meetings with the coordinator
14:00 - 16:00 Visit of the Simulation centre, Warnemunde
 Wednesday, 04.09.2013Departure