Structure of Modules

1General Sciences
1.BBasic part
1.B1Professional Foreign Language
1.B2Economics and Enterprise Management
1.B3Mathematical Modeling
1.VVariative part
1.V1Engineering Experiment
1.V2Computer Technologies in Science, Engineering and Education
3Professional subjects
3.BBasic part
3.B1Modern Issues of Power Engineering, Heat Engineering and Technologies
3.B2Problems of Energy- and Resource-Saving in Power Engineering, Heat Engineering and Technologies
3.B3Environmental Safety
3.B4Principles of the Process Effective Management in Power Engineering, Heat Engineering and Technologies
3.VVariative part
3.V1.1Computer-Aided Design of Equipment for the Industry
3.V1.2Experimental Researches in Heat-and-Mass Transfer and Gas-Dynamic Processes
3.V2.1Mathematical Models of Dynamic Systems
3.V2.2Mathematical Physics Equations
3.V.1"Technology of Electric and Thermal Power Generation"
3.V.1.1Special Course on Thermal and Nuclear Power Plants
3.V.1.2Modes and Operation of TPP and NPP
3.V.1.3 Economics of Project Feasibility
3.V.1.4Reliability of TPP Power Equipment
3.V.1.5Gas-Turbine and Combined Steam-and-Gas TPP
3.V.1.6Thermal and Mechanical Equipment of TPP and NPP
3.V.1.7Power Systems and Machinery Engineering
3.V.1.8Complex Systems Modeling