Implementation of new/updated programmes at TPU, BMSTU and SPbSPU

The Russian universities (TPU, BMSTU and SPbSPU) have started teaching students following the developed curricula since the autumn of 2012. The first classes of students (10 students in TPU, 5 students in SPbSPU, and 8 students in BMSTU) have been enrolled. The new developed teaching materials and methodologies are applied, as well as purchased up-to-date software and textbooks are used in corresponding modules.

The quality assurance aspects are to be emphasized during this stage. The results of evaluation by peers about compliance of programmes to EUR-ACE standards will be used for programmes' improvement. The Russian partner universities will develop the improvement plans for period beyond the project duration. The experience gained through development and implementation of new programmes will be used for revising of the Guidelines on engineering curriculum design that should be updated and published.

As far as all the Russian partners of the project are the leading engineering schools in the country, the project results are to contribute to development and implementation of the third generation of national educational standards in other areas of specialization. The TPU, BMSTU and SPbSPU will apply for accreditation of developed programmes against EUR-ACE Standards after first graduations from programmes.