Report on project results to Ministry of Education and Science of RF

The programmes developed within the project met both the requirements of the third generation national standards of RF and the EUR-ACE Standards for engineering programmes. The development and implementation of master programmes in engineering by leading Russian engineering schools is an important step for the Bologna process in Russia, where the introduction of a 3 cycle degree system is progressing rather slowly.

After the end of the project the report with key project results was submitted to Ministry of Education and Science of RF. Moreover the experience gained in the project by the universities will be distributed through the Educational and Methodological Association of Engineering Institutions of Russia, which is an entity of Bauman Moscow State Technical University and is responsible for framework standards of engineering study programmes and their dissemination among most of the technical universities of Russia.

After the first graduations from the new programmes developed, the Russian universities are expected to apply for formal accreditation against the EUR-ACE Standards. The recognition of the programme quality through the EUR-ACE Label will contribute to spreading project outcomes through its positive impact on governmental structures and professional engineering organisations. The project outcomes and the best practices developed will be disseminated among the Russian engineering schools and the engineering community.